Guinea Pig Toys and Play Time

Posted December 23rd, 2012 in Guinea Pig Starter Kit by Kinomi

There are many reasons why people love guinea pigs and choose them as household pets. Besides the reason that they are not so difficult to take care, they are also completely harmless. They don’t bite and they don’t kick as well. They are also great companions which make people laugh and smile by looking at them. People love to play with them and just look at how lovely they are.

In this topic, I would like to specially share about guinea pig playing time as well as their toys. Playing with guinea pigs doesn’t mean you are allowed to play with them with everything. There might be several things that you thought might be harmless to them, but turn out to be actually quite dangerous for your guinea pig. Let’s talk about their toys first. If you wish to get your guinea pig toys, make sure you get them toys which are made of harmless materials such as woods, grass and hay. Materials such as metal, plastic and glass would not be recommended since we don’t really know what your guinea pigs would react to them. They might possibly try to chew on them and end up with illness or disease. Another case is to choose what you might want to get. It is not recommended to get hamster running wheel for guinea pig. As we know, when guinea pigs reach their maximum growth, they two joint rings on their back will joint together, and in this case, they would be less elastic. In this case, if they are forced to running with running wheel just like hamster, they might hurt their backbone. If we want to choose some toys for them, we could choose grass ball. You can train them to fetch the ball by rolling the ball to you with their nose. You have to keep a note that I’m not recommending you to train your guinea pigs to walk with a ball. I mean walk with a ball is to put their front feet on the ball and walking with the other hind feet. It would also harm their backbone. What I recommend you is to train them to fetch the ball by rolling the ball to you with their nose. It’s quite interesting too. Another toy you can find very economical and low price is an empty toilet paper. After finish using the toilet paper, you can give them the empty roll. It would be better if you stuff some hay inside.

You might have no idea what to play with your guinea pigs after all this time you have create quite a good bond with them. If you wish to play with them, I would like to recommend you my strategy; ‘Play and Train’. That means we are playing with them but on the same time we are actually training them too. For example, you can try to train them how to┬árecognize┬átheir own name. In this case, you can try to put them free which is also their flooring time and set for 1 meter range from them. Then you can try to call them, and if they come to you, give them some treats. That way, they would know when and how they should come when they are called. Sometimes it would work, sometimes may also not work.

In the end, it would be all up to you on how you would like to play with your guinea pigs. But make sure first of all that you play with them safely.

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