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Posted December 29th, 2012 in Guinea Pig Starter Kit by Kinomi

AspenWe have already discussed about the choice of your guinea pigs’ bedding. You can either choose fleece as their bedding or normal bedding. If you think it would be better to choose normal bedding instead of fleece, I would like to give some reference. There are some types of bedding you could use, each and every one of them has its own advantage and disadvantage.

First I would recommend you is Aspen. Aspen is a quite soft, white and low flammability makes Aspen a good choice for guinea pigs’ bedding. It is a good absorption material and since it is low flammability, it is safer to use aspen instead of other material. You will need to change the bedding once every two or three days since it is also a good odor control material. The price would be moderate and some places would sell Aspen with different prices. It would be wise to compare the price first of all before you make your choice.

BOXOThe second recommendation would be BOXO. BOXO is made from cardboard shredded and compressed. It is also soft material and odorless. It’s also a quick absorbent material which could last for the minimum 3 days and maximum a week. The price would also be variant, but it is said to be lower compared to Aspen. The less thing we could expect is that the material is high flammability. We would want to be careful about that.

 The last recommendation will be Carefresh. Carefresh is an Eco-friendly bedding which is made from wood pulp paste. There are plenty of them; some are colorful, some are plain. They are excellent absorbent materials and also odorless. They would be perfect except for the price. The price is quite high and for owners who look for bedding with economical budget, this would not be the best choice.

CarefreshThose three options are equally recommended. It would be up to the owners to choose which one is better for their guinea pigs. If those three options are not to your liking, you might want to reconsider using fleece as your option since it is so economical and long-term-use material. Which of the material you will choose, it would be your choice. However, it is highly not recommended for you to choose pine shape or juniper due to phenols which could cause respiratory problem to guinea pigs. Choose wisely for both your guinea pigs’ good and your own satisfactory.

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